Classic Design Evolved

Ground Hog Day Revisited

Welcome to deAurora

Welcome to deAurora

Imagine you wake up to find yourself living the day over and over again.  Well life at deAurora has felt a lot like that over the past 2 years.

Remodeling began on space 1871 in February of 2011 that would begin the Re-Imagined deAurora.  Since then we have begun to create our new world which continues to evolve on 14.

A year to the day from signing the lease extension for space 1871, we were advised that we would be moving to the new 14th floor ( see Big Move Facts ).

Its a blessing, not a curse

Moving to 14 allowed us to accelerate our evolution.  We are proud to present a view of center roomthe design world that speaks to Small to Mid-size American designs.

Bausman — Randolph and Hein —- Kindel — Scott  Arthur Yerkey

Hart Associates — Hammerton



We are not a remake of anyone or any one line.  After 34 years we have feel for a New Classic.



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