Classic Design Evolved

Update From The Front

The Big Move inches closer.  Every showroom has now been given a date to move which is set to begin on November 5.  You might think this is a political ploy to skew the vote, but since the party scheduling the move is a staunch independent, I am eschewing any conspiracy theories.

A View To Remember

So the halls are starting to take shape.  As you can see from the photo the corridor will be engulfed in a crisp light bringing the halls to life.  Each column on the north and south columns  on the outer sides will have light elements (think  Star Wars) that race across the ceiling.

Just Outside the NEW deAurora

All the showrooms are to have 9ft glass store fronts.  Exceptions will include Miss Holly, and a couple of others.  But frankly, the clean element of the corridor will allow the showrooms to tell their story in greater detail.  The resources themselves will speak with more volume since the visual will be cleaner.

Our new space is now officially #1499.  I tell you that because it signals a conclusion to the showrooms if I do say so myself an exclamation point to what will be one of the best showroom experiences in the building.

A View From Within

Our date to move is November 6th.  I picked this auspicious date because I wanted everyone to remember we moved on election day.  No matter what, we will move forward from here.

We will post a few more shots before the page turns.  In the mean time if you have any questions give us a shout.  Samples are still available before the move and can be seen on our website Deaurora.

Looking Forward/Ahead


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