Classic Design Evolved

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

standing in the resource area looking south

How is it going you ask…. Our scheduled move date is November 15, but given the yin and yang that is our life (it’s too dark, it’s too light, this one has a little star), I estimate that Christmas 2012 is a realistic date. Here is a view of the work in progress. As I post this I can tell you that none of my closest neighbors (Century or CAI) have even begun construction.

This post is a week late, and so the new pictures would show all walls framed out and for the most part drywall is up. But lets face it, in the design world its all about the details.

Southeast corner looking Northwest

Some of the elements to look for include:

  • A complete resource area for lighting and chairs.
  • 600 sf of exquisite and exclusive fabric.
  • Internet kiosks to define and refine your search.

The Western Wall


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