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The “Big Move” Facts

Here are the basic facts regarding the up coming consolidation of the Design Center in the Merchandise Mart.

What’s Happening Around Here

  • All residential furnishing showrooms on 15, 16, 17 and 18 will be relocated to the NEW 14th Floor.
  • The 14th Floor footprint will be based on the current 18th floor.  Anchor tenants will be  in the same place on 14 as they are now on 18 (e.g. deAurora, Holly Hunt, Dessin Fournir, Southerland).
  • To fit the roughly 400,000 sq ft into 250,000 sq ft most showrooms will be reduced in size.  Very few will be leaving the mart.  deAurora will be expanding.
  • All gift showrooms will be on the 13th floor
  • All casual showrooms will be on 15 and half of 16

What’s In It For Me

  • The 14th floor will have its own Cafe and conference center. (deAurora will still have its private stock in the back).
  • The corridors will have a fresh design created by Gary Lee Partners.
  • The consolidation will mean more resources are one floor.  Which translates into an easier shopping experience for you and your clients.

Why…Though Rarely a Helpful Question..

The easy answer is “follow the money”, but here are the underpinnings of the relocation.

  • Chris Kennedy’s departure MMPI in June of 2011 signaled an end to an era that promoted design and fine art as a business focus.  The parent company, Vornado, moved quickly to build a more profitable piece of property.
  • The design center element was not pulling its wait; the affects of the “Recession” could be seen with the many closings with the showroom floors.  Those closings came years after many tenants had fallen behind in rent.
  • You can search this on GOOGLE.  Vornado’s efforts to transform the Mart from show space to office space is evident in its very stealthy acquisition of Google/Motorola as its premier tenant.
  • Google/ Motorola is taking the 17th 18th and 19th floors.  It will be using the roof  as part of its venue.

These are the facts and nothing but the facts.  The truth is that this didn’t just spring from no where. Deals like this don’t just happen.  deAurora was informed about the relocation in mid April, along with the 3 other “anchor tenants”.  The rest of the tenants were told once Holly Hunt was secured and the rest of the anchors had been told to insure what space would be available.

The last boat out.

When is this Happening

  • The  14th floor is already being demolished.
  • Move in to the 14th floor will take place over a 5 week period starting 10/15/12
  • deAurora’s  move-in date is set for 11/15/12.
  • Dates are flexible but only within that 5 week period.  We can move earlier not later.

Other Fun facts:

  •  We were told of the move on the 1 year anniversary of our signing a new lease and completeion of our revitalizing build-out.
  • 1871, the new digital incubator on the 12th floor occupies the same space as the original deAurora space 12-131.
  • The hot digital marketing company, Razorfish, occupies are second location on the 12th floor 1230.
  • In its recent past the Mart was hoem to other large office tenants; CTA, Quaker Oats, World Book, Canteen Corporation, and Bankers Life

See you Soon


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