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Google/Mobility’s Effect On Our Species

The Finch is the essential example of evolution.  Darwin would  probably cringe if he new how we were using his evolutionary example of survival.  Survival of the fittest is often used in the context of the individual but evolutionary movement has to do with the entire species.

To be fit in Darwin’s world is not to be the strongest, smartest, most skilled, least fat or the best designer.  It is the ability to adapt that makes one fit.  To work with what you got to get your species to survive and grow.  In the design industry that equates to more than prospering.  Its equates to creating functional aesthetics that pushes the human condition forward.

Darwin’s Finches

As Google/Mobility moves into the Merchandise Mart its important for us in the design industry to remember its not an assault on the individual.  Its not an assault on us at all.  Its a signal to the design industry to get on-board the future-train or parish.

The Mart has a long history of having large companies inhabit its domain.  These include past cutting edge information companies;  The World Book, was at one time the third largest lease holder in the building ( the CTA and Quaker Oats were one and two).  Google represents just the latest cycle of movement within the Mart.  So what does this mean to the new consolidated Design Center.

In Darwin’s example of the Finch,  it was the simple fact that only one species had a long enough beak to get food, during an extended drought.  This enabled it to survive and reproduce.  In the Mart today the way business is transacted requires the same use of adaptive skills.  I won’t make any jokes about longer beaks, but for sure we need to recognize what skills we have to get us through this drought in order to grow.  The reason for the retrenching of space in the Mart is that we over grew what could sustain us.  Its a natural market process, but to move forward requires some basic use of the tools we have.

Use the internet:  Showoff the products that you will find in the mart. Not just new designs…Show ’em what you got, not what you might have.  For example see

Use your clients Stuff:  Partner with clients to showoff their talents and your product.  For example see

Use your space:  the Mart is a party waiting to happen.  Invite your guests early and often like a good voting record to see how they can best use your products.  For example:  You are cordially invited to check us out 24/7 365, as long as its between 9-5 Monday through Friday.

Coming soon a view of the new space on the 14th floor.  If you have questions regarding this blog, or simply want to know more about Darwin and Finches, come in and chat with us, or contact us through the web at, or call us at 312-644-4430.


Lastly I would like to thank Bob Killian  (Killian Branding) for his brillant white paper on adaption.  See more of his work at


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