Classic Design Evolved

Metamorphosis II: Pursuing an Environmental Policy

After 33 years we have come to expect certain things from ourselves. Longevity can breed a view that is often les sez faire. But the planning and implementation of our re-imagined showroom proved as much a cleansing process as a remodeling. We pushed and pulled on every idea. This was true of more than the look of the showroom, but included who and what we wanted to join our mix.

A small digression here; the concept of how the showroom now looks, including much of the product is based on Peter Joyce’s view of the universe. Claudia and I lent support, some encouragement, with a tinch of “Really?”
Now you might say this is nuts. We have represented some companies (like Bausman & Co.) for 30 years, 30years!!, why on earth would we change, especially when we have had success.  Well its simple, change or die.
This was also true for the companies we proudly represented. The best of them had evolved, learning from their design past to make better designs.  For a person change is hard, for a company it’s the lifeblood.  Design has moved forward, our clients are looking for a forward thinking design, therefore we needed to change. Some philosophy professor is rolling over with the thought of that logic.

deAurora Showroom

So where does that leave us with the environmental policy? In this day of awareness, we need to be a part of the solution. All of us. We could, of course, have taken the road so often traveled, and simply gone with vendors who we have always known and take for granted that they may care about the environment, or we could take the road less traveled and ask each vendor specifically ‘what is your environmental policy?’. Even small independent rep organizations can send a message to a manufacturer that we care about what we sell. You may be interested in linking to these examples of environmental policies, published by Theodore Alexander and Bausman.
Ask us for more, we will be glad to include you in our discussions.

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